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Hootie's Rescue Haven is a 501C3 tax exempt non-profit animal rescue organization. We rescue animals, tend to medical needs, and find them forever homes.

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My husband Tim and I started our second careers 8 years ago. I opened my own veterinary practice and Tim was my assistant.  There were precious pets that had prohibitively costly, but treatable ailments. I also recognized pets that weren’t a ‘fit’ for their homes. After rescuing my dog Hootie from a no kill shelter and working through her aggression/biting issues, destructive behaviors and two knee surgeries for 17 years of her life, Hootie’s Rescue Haven was born.

Tim & I have dedicated our lives to caring for animals at our No Kill shelter. My Veterinary practice and kenneling partially support the costs of the shelter, but we need your help.

Our vision for the future is to have separate buildings for adoptable pets: a kennel home for dogs, a group house for the cats and a small animal barn.  Our goal is that 100 years from now Hootie’s Rescue Haven will be a sanctuary where animals will be cared for and loved.

The amount of work and money required for our 11 cats, 16 dogs, 3 horses, 1 rabbit, and 15 chickens and all the animals yet to come is staggering. We need your support.  Please follow the links on this page to find out how you can volunteer and donate money to help us reach our goals.

Kindest regards,

Kim and Tim

Please consider making a donation to help fund Hootie's Rescue Haven or join us at one of our upcoming fund raising events. Click to learn more about our Golf Scramble October 6th and Trivia Night October 12.

Our Beloved Hootie

Our Beloved Hootie